Why Us  
The selection of materials, the attention to detail and the sound construction have made this all possible. We should be so lucky as to have you build us another house.
Ham Stockton
After building many homes and moving numerous times, I feel that ben Nelson is of the very few builders where honesty, pride, and quality is the bottom line. He by no means is the least expensive… but quality doesn’t come cheap.
A Very Happy and Satisfied Owner,
Linda Hearn
Bonnie’s creative input to the kitchen design, lighting placement, front elevation…. all the details, were icing on the cake.
Paul and Linda Cobet
They have always been fair and open minded. I commend them to you as solid citizens. They are people with whom you can trust, and upon whom you can depend.
Dr. Al Evans
Not only did he build a high quality home at the budgeted price, but I felt that he sincerely cared about our every detail.
Dr. Robert J. Hirsch